Quality Statement

What is expected from the National Institute of Statistics?

"Official statistics with quality and impartiality 
for the  satisfaction of users".

The National Statistical Institute is a public institution with legal personality and technical, administrative and financial autonomy, with its headquarters in Maputo, and may create, whenever justified, delegations or other forms of representation anywhere in the country.

In the performance of its functions, INE is governed by the guiding principles of the National Statistical System (SEN) defined by Law no. 7/96, of 5 July, by its Statutes approved by Presidential Decree no. 9/96, of 28 August and by other legislation applicable to legal persons governed by public law.

Official statistical information must:

  • Meet the needs of users;
  • Be reliable and reflect the realities it is intended to portray;
  • Be timely, punctual and opportune
  • Be easily accessible

Aims and objectives of INE

To produce and disseminate timely official statistical information, which meets the needs of planning, macro-economic, financial and social management as well as of users in general, reflecting the situation of the structure and trend of national development and fight against poverty.

Statistics is an important tool for the economic, social and environmental management of any country, for this reason, INE was created with the objective of producing and disseminating official statistical information of the country.

User Attendance

INE commits itself to ensuring a personalised, efficient and courteous assistance, aiming at meeting all expectations of users that contact it, as follows:

  • In the building in which INE is located, guidance boards are placed that allow the user to reach the direction or office he/she wants, depenOnce in the office, the user will be attended to by any member of staff present there, duly identified with a badge, who has sufficient knowledge to directly provide brief information and/or refer the user to the sector in question if necessary;
    ding on the issue that makes him/her seek INE;
  • Uma vez no gabinete, o utilizador será atendido por qualquer funcionário que se encontre no local, devidamente identificado com um crachá, possuidor de conhecimentos suficientes para lhe prestar directamente pequenas informações e/ou encaminhar para o sector em causa se for o caso;
  • Users will be attended to between 7:45am and 3:30pm on weekdays as in all public offices.

Quick response to requests

The Dissemination and Documentation Department (DDD) is responsible for supporting users in consulting and accessing official statistical information, with a view to its use in planning the country's socio-economic development. In this perspective, users may contact the DDD, by telephone, e-mail, fax or in person at the INE Department responsible for the publication.

As regards requests for general statistical information, INE is open to receive all requests by telephone, which will be replied immediately or within two working days.

As regards users that come in person to the DDD, INE commits itself to provide the information requested within the agreed deadline.

As regards requests for statistical data that need to be specifically prepared and/or prepared, INE commits itself to answer these requests depending on the time that it needs to be prepared. In this case, the user will be informed of the time required for the preparation of the information.

Support in filling out questionnaires:

INE periodically collects information through statistical surveys on households and industrial and commercial units and service provision units, for the purpose of preparing different socio-economic statistical indicators. Respondents may provide the information to INE's staff, either by interview or by sending a self-completion questionnaire, as stipulated by the methodology of the requester in question.

INE's staff, in the areas concerned, is willing to explain in detail to respondents the contents of statistical survey questionnaires and the respective instructions for completion. INE is always available to respond to such requests.

Disclosure Services

Information on the statistical products available and made available are described in the publications catalog, on the Portal, and in leaflets on various types of statistical information products and services.

Timely dissemination of statistical information

In order for users to be clearly aware of the release deadlines of statistical information, INE has prepared a publication calendar that is available on its website: www.ine.gov.mz

In order to facilitate access to official statistical information, INE releases all available statistical information on a regular basis, either monthly, quarterly and annually, among others.

Generally, the summarised results of surveys that have taken place at a given time and that are of public interest are released first. The forms used are various, highlighting among them the media for a wider coverage. More detailed information is disseminated through INE's website and/or in the form of publications (CD and paper).

Service Improvement

For citizens to be able to consult statistical information easily and quickly, INE has a website available, in which new functions have been introduced, such as, presentation of statistical projects, presentation of updated statistical information, as well as a function regarding the search for available information. It also includes a link to access official statistical information under the responsibility of the Bank of Mozambique.

Another way that INE has adopted to offer the statistical information is through consultation in the library located in its premises, in the Central Services and in its Provincial Delegations.

Opinions and suggestions

INE is open to opinions and concrete suggestions from any person on the work carried out by INE, which should be channelled through the contact points.